Sydney Kalibari
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Rani Rashmoni
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Sri Ramakrishna
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Ma Sarada
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Swami Vivekananda
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Sydney Kalibari

Sydney Kalibari came into existence on 7th September 2006, first of its kind in Southern Hemisphere, in the line of “Simla Kalibari or Delhi Kalibari”. A few members of the Community of New South Wales have registered above organization as a Non-profit, Charity organization where the office bearers work on voluntary basis. The centre will provide and promote socio-cultural & religious events between the Indian and Australian communities which shall unequivocally at all times be, non-political, non-profit, and non-sectarian. It would be a place where we can celebrate all our socio-religious functions and activities, promote basic teachings of Hinduism of “Vedic” culture (clean, pure and simple way of life) and through the concept of Divine Mother – (a Kali temple, called “Kalibari”)

A brass Ma Kali idol (‘Ashta-dhatu’) – hand-crafted in, Kolkata, India, and a black marble Shiva Lingam were ordered and shipped to Sydney in July 2008.

We need your help to run this Temple.
Please contribute full or part of fixed expenses, as you can

Regular Temple Running Costs

Electricity Charge per month $120.00
Telephone Charge per month $40.00
Public Liability Insurance per month $145.00
Cleaning per month $50.00
Rent per day $36.00
Priest per day $20.00
Temple Running cost per day $20.00
Temple Front shade Maintenance once in two years $500.00
Plastic Plates /Cups/Spoon- per event $25.00
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