Sydney Kalibari
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Goals of the Organisation:

The principal objective of Sydney Kalibari shall be, for Non-profit purpose develop brotherhood among Indians by:

Attempting to provide free medical services for a stipulated period, run subsidised soup kitchen and conduct counselling services to fresh migrants from India.

Holding socio-religious activities through worships, meditation & discourses to develop the concept of “Devine Mother” and create facilities for traditional & social activities.

Provide opportunities to explore social & spiritual dimensions of life through forums, lectures, discourses, Yoga etc (mostly off-site activities).

Principal Activites:

  1. Socio-religious activities (on site)
  2. Promotional/ fund raising activities (mostly off-site)

As part of socio-religious activites, as charity, Sydney Kalibari wishes to a run soup kitchen for the infirms in a few selected & nearby postcodes only. The food- vegetarian menu- will be provided/donated by the devotees of Kalibari.

There will also be religious discourses for the elderly/senior citizens during afternoons which may be followed by complementary vegetarian lunch- again provide/donate by the devotees of Sydney Kalibari.

As part of the Promotional/Fund-raising activities Sydney Kalibari shall organise cultural/ cross-cultural programmes mostly by hiring venue around/ across Sydney metropolitan area.

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